7 HR Breakdowns You Can Easily Avoid

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Our best resource is often the most under-utilized. Achieving corporate goals and avoiding breakdowns in Human Resources (HR) becomes easier with an engaged workforce; because only then can each employee enhance company value. Here are 7 HR breakdowns you can easily avoid:

  1. Health and Environmental Safety are critical and your staff are the gatekeepers. Engaged employees ensure corporate health and safety goals are embedded in daily activities.
  2. Frequent staff recruitment is ‘expenditure leakage’ that you can avoid when employees enjoy their work.
  3. Resist the battle for scarce skills by understanding how to retain your key employees.
  4. Don’t let the productivity cost of staff undertaking non-essential tasks move you further away from achieving company deadlines.
  5. When you need to attract new staff, employees who love their job are natural advocates. The attitude of your staff directly affects the achievement of targets you set.
  6. Engaged staff interaction and negotiation with suppliers and partners creates better company outcomes so employees can build solid relationships.
  7. In the 11th hour of a deadline, only extra effort from each employee will turn impossible projects into proud company moments.

How Can Your Company Achieve Employee Engagement?

  • Be deliberate about the culture you create. From Health and Safety to productivity and the bottom line, your culture is central to the success of your mining endeavors.
  • Invest in better serving your employees to seal staff commitment and loyalty.
  • Decrease inherent ‘human capital’ risks in your business by upgrading your employee engagement positioning.

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