A Helping Hand for Recruiters

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We can all use a little help sometimes to do the best work for our clients. Our own skills and knowledge just sometimes aren’t enough. THW collaborates and has worked with many of you to help land the right candidate for your client or ours. We are happy to work alongside or supplement what you do and here are some examples:

We helped unpack the compensation and allowances including the tax adjustment, that were being paid to recognise that the individual was away from her home location. With this reconciliation the candidate could appreciate the full value of and accept the client’s offer while at first glance appearing less valuable than her current compensation.

  • Case Study #2 – a mining company recruiting a new CEO

The candidate had a portfolio of unvested long term incentives comprising RSUs and SARs with a current employer. We were asked to calculate the value of what was going to be left on the table and recommend to the new employer the amount of a one-time, stock option award replacement.

  • Case Study #3 – a private retailer recruiting an executive from a public company

The requirement was to explain and reconcile the value of incentives in a public company with the offer from the private company comprising phantom stock and to review the valuation methodology.

  • Case Study #4 – a professional services company adding a new partner

Explaining to the recruiting client the value of capital accumulated under a partnership agreement and translating the terms of a legalistic partnership agreement to enable the candidate to understand and accept the offer.

Lines have become blurred between service providers and led to some recruiters dabbling in compensation. This could prove to be a conflict at executive levels and a liability when a recommendation proves to be inappropriate.

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