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We all need a little help sometimes. Our skills and knowledge aren’t always enough. Companies are no different. They are staffed to take care of everyday needs. Change projects require a deeper expertise than is on hand, and an objective perspective to avoid challenges. Even miners being natural leaders and rarely needing internal HR (ahem), need some help when it comes to new initiatives! No one wants to use consultants and especially now (they are like cooties but cost more) and with virtually the entire industry concerned with cash flow it is not the time to think of new projects. But maybe it is; the thinking part at least.

These times too shall pass and when they do there will be new generations of employees to contend with and you will need to supplement, train and mentor your internal capability. We have worked in the industry for many years and we have worked with clients in many different ways. Here are some examples :

  • Case Study #1 – an Australian miner with a project in Asia
    We aligned forward looking incentives to reward the top team for achievement of key events combined with a Compensation Policy to improve governance of executive and board compensation
  • Case Study #2 – a Canadian based Nickel project
    THW worked with the CEO to extend the Compensation Committee mandate to talent management and succession. The process delegated more authority to the CEO and allowed the Committee improved strategic oversight. The project culminated in preparation of a revised manpower plan.
  • Case Study #3 – a global diversified miner
    The task was a structure to enable the efficient transfer of skills between sites around the world. We designed an employment model that reduced tax and immigration barriers with attractive retention features that enabled employees to transfer quickly and incentivised them to remain with the company.
  • Case Study #4 -a South African miner with interests across the continent
    The challenge was a more cost effective method of recruitment that generated greater numbers of qualified candidates than traditional methods. We created a career portal with automated screening and application capability with candidates solicited through a social media program that eventually listed third in influence amongst global job boards.
  • Case Study #5 – an Ontario based producer
    The CEO knew he had people issues but wasn’t certain of the cause. We agreed an arrangement where we were on call for several hours per week to work through the challenges and analyse potential solutions. An HR plan, including a shared service centre to lower administration expense, an internally equitable salary structure and a reduction of 15% in benefit premium (not design) was the result.

You will not want to change HR practice at the moment but you may want to talk about the challenges ahead and we would be pleased to bring the coffee. Our contact details are below.

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