The Human Well is a boutique human resources consulting practice located in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. We serve mid-size businesses dealing with the human capital issues associated with strategic change. We provide our clients with executive compensation consulting and salaried compensation advice including incentive planning as well as organizational design, recruitment, governance, merger and acquisition due diligence, business succession, expatriate management and international employee benefits management.

Our clients expect practical help based on first-hand experience and expert consulting skills.

Founded in 2003 The Human Well believes your most important asset to be your people. Whether you have a high tech patent, lucrative gold deposit or an efficient production process – without the right people working effectively that differentiation will count for nothing.

The Human Well without elaborate jargon or big consulting fees helps its clients maximize the contribution from their people. We deliver advice and implementation support tailored to your budget, in a practical manner whether that means a discussion on an idea (we have probabaly done what you are planning to do before!), providing hands on help, or coaching.

It’s tough being the boss. Everyone who enters the office has an agenda – where can you find objectivity? No one knows your job as well as you but maybe our experience can help avoid “trial and error” and mitigate risk. You have spent your life building your business and not had the opportunity to work elsewhere. We have. Allow The Human Well to bring that expertise that includes both working inside organizations and consulting to them, to bear. 

The Human Well’s clients include a one person business seeking advice on how to add a partner or a global corporation needing help with expatriate management. The Human Well’s mandates come from Boards seeking assistance with governance, business owners wishing to add value to their business, and HR leaders seeking access to temporary expertise.

Your business challenge is unique and so must the response to it be. The Human Well collaborates with clients and their advisers to acheive and maintain competitive differentiation within their budget and time frame. 

The Human Well is loyal and during the great recession worked with long standing clients for nothing or for stock. Great organizations will be great again and friends are forever. We offer preferential rates for charitable organizations and we work pro bono to assist contacts seeking new careers.

White boards beat trees and solutions are more important than reports. The Human Well’s clients want to overcome challenges; they rarely want to read about them. Not satisfied until recommendations are implemented The Human Well by design has low overhead to enable it to be nimble.  We have never had a bad debt, we do not have a non-disclosure intellectual property contract riders (but are happy to sign those of our clients) and proposals double as work orders. Simple. 

The goal of The Human Well is to help clients create shareholder value. Packaged solutions work if they are right for a client but unlike our large competitors we think you deserve a solution tailored for you and not one that is right for us (or that we just sold to your competitor).

We match your needs to practitioners with the requisite skills and backgrounds, who can contribute hands on experience which our larger competitors often do not have and our smaller ones cannot justify – cost effective and practical. Don’t believe us? Check out our client list and browse The Human Well blog archive to learn more about our approach.