Bringing Your Business to Canada

Are you planning an international expansion into Canada? Canadian employment legislation making your head spin? Not sure where to begin? We can help!

Concentrate on what you do well and allow us to take care of your human resource obligations.

We work with international companies coming to Canada. We are an ASO, bringing our clients practical, seamless solutions for a reasonable fee. We do not take ownership of your employees, rather we provide you with the information and tools to ensure that you are legislatively compliant and competitive within your industry. We will bring to your attention things you need to know about Canadian employment practice, values and culture as well as legislative requirements, ensuring you attract and retain the right talent to make your business a success.

Common questions we are often asked:

  • What body of Canadian labour legislation applies to our organization – Federal or provincial?
  • What should I pay our employees?
  • What is a competitive vacation policy for my industry?
  • What statutory holidays do we have to provide to our Canadian employees?
  • How do I legally terminate an employment relationship?
  • What employee benefits shall we need?

Compliance is the easy part. Creating an engaged, productive team is the challenge. Lawyers and immigration advisers cannot help here. With in depth hands on international experience in employment matters THW provides not only local expertise but can help you cultivate the employment culture that you target whether you are expanding your business into Canada from the US or indeed anywhere else.