Introducing HR Access

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The Need

Surviving and thriving are paramount to emerging businesses and touchy-feely HR stuff has no place, but deep down you know that it’s your people that really are your most important asset and will mean the difference between the business succeeding or not. You carefully manage physical inventory and financial resources so why not human capital?

An engaged workforce meets schedules and production targets and improves profitably. So how do you achieve a reasonable return on the time and investment to make that happen?

You can’t justify the cost of a Human Resource professional but you need access to help when challenges start to become issues.

The Service

Worry no more. Introducing HR Access™ – a unique service specifically designed for emerging employers who need HR support but not the commitment or cost of adding additional full time staff.

HR Access™ provides the help your organization needs, when it needs it, at a cost that fits your budget and payable on a basis that suits. There are three levels of service from which to choose:

  1. Telephone Access
  2. Telephone Access plus compliance
  3. Telephone Access plus compliance plus projects

Here’s how it works:

  • We organize an initial meeting so that we can better understand your business before you make any sort of commitment .
  • You provide us with details of your HR programs and we will identify any shortcomings based upon what you have told us about your company and our experience with similar sized companies as follows:
  • We then help you identify the most appropriate level of service for your organization taking into account what you have told us plus our critique of your programs
  • Telephone Access = 3 hours telephone advice per month on any HR matter
  • Compliance = Brings your policies on side and a monthly update of new or changing requirements
  • Projects = The design and implementation of one or more HR programs that you plan to introduce or that we have identified (from our critique) that are missing.

The Cost

How much support you will need from HR Access™ will depend on the size of your business and the programs you have or want to introduce during the contract period. We will provide you with a quote for a fixed monthly fee for an initial contract period of 12 months.

For an organization of up to 50 staff HR Access™ can start for as little as $850 per month or from $2,000 per month including compliance, ongoing HR Access™ and project implementation.

You can pay this as an all inclusive monthly premium or as a minimum monthly premium plus fees for services as incurred – it’s your choice. You can upgrade telephone meetings with face to face meetings if this is your preference and we shall work that into the fee. In fact whatever works for you but you will always know in advance what it is going to cost and when you are going to have to pay.

At the end of the contract period we shall agree a renewal fee reflecting service usage,  program upgrades or implementations that you envisage that you will need in the coming year as your organization continues to grow.

HR Access™ costs a fraction of an HR professional and is infinitely more efficient in terms of management time – many of our clients are emerging companies and we have delivered these services many times before.

Getting Started

Email to set up an initial meeting for us to gather the necessary information about your business and prepare a proposal.

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