Clarity Coaching and Facilitation

Clarity Coaching & Facilitation partners with leaders who aspire to achieve extraordinary results.

Their  focus is on achieving client objectives through in-depth understanding of the strategic direction, exceptional solutions that foster change, and long term commitment to clients.

In business for more than 18 years Clarity utilizes cutting edge assessment tools that inform key business decisions as well as designing  and delivering  customized leadership programs that align client core values and key management practices.

Clarity partners with clients to focus training that captures opportunities and meets real world challenges;  providing ongoing support that builds sustainable growth and internal capability.

Clarity workshops are consistently rated at 90% or greater for meeting objectives and the expectations of participants.

Clarity’s credentialed executive coaches and strategic advisors work with executives at the helm of leadership transition and cultural transformation in successful, progressive organizations.

Distinct Capital Partners Inc. provides high level investment banking and business advisory services to small and medium sized companies and individual entrepreneurs with services that include Corporate Finance, Mergers & Acquisitions and Business Succession. We assist owner operated businesses with revenue between $5 million to $100 million in sourcing companies for purchase or in selling a business. Within our network, we have clients looking for acquisition opportunities in a myriad of industries at various times.

We understand the factors involved at each stage of the succession planning process including an assessment of human capital and practice with our Partner, The Human Well. Our collective advice helps ensure a successful transition.

We own our own business and understand the challenges faced by our clients. Our role is to be your financial specialist using our expertise and knowledge to identify the best solution to support your transaction.

The Alternative Board

The Human Well is a strategic partner with The Alternative Board (TAB); an exclusive membership based organization that helps business owners achieve more profitability, productivity and personal fulfillment through a combination of peer-to-peer insight.

For more information regarding TAB’s work with private business owners, contact Doug Kerr at

We also work with a number of partners that provide additional services and products to address our client’s needs and challenges. These form the Well Net.

Workplace Engagement Insights

Workplace Engagement Insights offers employee engagement surveys that provide concrete, actionable data to determine where your leadership and management development activities need to be focused, and whether they are having the desired impact – on the leadership team, the employees, and the organization as a whole.

Mastermind Solutions

Mastermind Solutions is a full service marketing firm where strategy, planning, and implementation are our deliverables.  We help to position your small or mid-size business in a way that makes you unique and desirable to potential customers; then we create the right mix of tools and tactics that will help you to generate real business growth and profitable returns. What makes us different is the correct combination of strategy and implementation.  Without both you cannot be successful.


Employers worldwide are using TalentSorter™ – a powerful HR tool that puts speed, intelligence, and accuracy behind applicant tracking and assessments, so you can confidently hire the right people and retain them.

HiringSmart gives companies a competitive edge by installing a unique fit-based hiring system that helps them attract and engage the RIGHT people.