The Human Well has been providing clients with human resource consulting services since 2003. We approach client challenges with tailored solutions to support business strategy for a reasonable fee.

Clients comprise private and public companies, not-for-profit, charitable organizations and associations, owner-managed businesses, and large and small domestic and international organizations. They seek us out when:

  • General or executive compensation needs to be updated
  • Board governance support is needed
  • A significant transaction; Sale, purchase, or joint venture is being planned
  • Contemplating business succession
  • Policy and practice are not keeping pace with growth
  • Key business objectives are being missed
  • High general or executive turnover is being experienced
  • Targeted talent cannot be attracted or retained
  • A senior executive or expatriate needs to be recruited
  • International expansion is planned or facing challenges

Clients cannot differentiate from the market if their approach to it is the same as that of their competitors. Our advice is tailored to those needs not and not an off-the-shelf solution that we have just sold your competitor. We work on those thorny projects that other consultants resist (because they cannot predict their margin) and those other challenges when clients do not know what the problem is – they just see the negative consequences.