Big consulting will sell the same solution over and over to improve their performance and grow their margins – we have experience there and so we know all about that. Adopting the same approach as your closest competitor is not going to help differentiate from them. 

The Human Well is the organization to turn to when no one else can helpFew consultants in larger firms these days have spent much time if any, actually working in industry. That means they are not experienced enough to spot or anticipate the challenges that will come from implementation to make the solution work. They consider their deliverable is a report!

When consultants are faced with an unusual challenge they typically ask for higher fees because of the associated uncertainty and risk to their margins. The Human Well can provide a more cost effective solution that might comprise no more than a telephone call or some type of project work, either way you can decide whether it is something you can do yourself or, if we do it you will have more certainty about the cost and know it will be lower.

Our contacts are regularly reaching out with traditional Human Resource consulting challenges where they HR need expert insight or an additional resource but they also ask for input on challenges where they cannot quite identify the solution or even the cause.  Any time you have a significant people challenge or business results that suggests a problem with people contact us to learn how we can help. 

Below are just some of the non-traditional challenges that clients have asked for help with:

    • Identifying an optimal European location for a new HQ
    • Where in the world to find specific skills and who are the competitors for their services
    • Preparing a manpower plan for foreign expansion
    • An online recruitment portal to rapidly attract hundreds of new employees to several hardship locations.