We like to think of ourselves as the people to turn to when no one else can help. Big consulting firms sell the same project over and over to improve their performance and grow their margins. Using the same approach as your closest competitor is not going to help differentiate from the competition.

What’s more, few consultants in larger firms these days have spent much time if any, actually working in industry. That means they are not thinking about implementation or challenges to making the solution work. Their deliverable is a report.

We are often complimented on how we consider implementation when proposing a solution; our report if we actually produce one is not the end of the project.

When companies run into an unusual challenge consultants typically want higher fees because of the uncertainty. In these cases clients look to THW for a more cost effective solution. This might involve simply a telephone call or it may require some project work either way it is your call and you will know what the cost is before we start.

Any time you have a significant people challenge or business results that suggest a people problem, call us and find out the best way that we can help.

Here are some of the challenges that we have had the privilege of being invited by our clients to work with them to resolve:

  • Finding an optimal international location for a new HQ
  • Identifying locations where certain types of globally scarce skills might be found and the competitors for them
  • Preparing a manpower plan for foreign expansion
  • Developing an online recruitment portal using social media to rapidly recruit hundreds of employees to a new start up in hardship location.
  • Assisting a US restaurant chain with its first venture abroad by adapted their culture and values to the Canadian workplace and employment law.
  • Providing “expert opinion” on compensation matters in court.
  • Global expatriate pay models that do not discriminate by location or nationality with employee benefits integrated for maximum savings with local social security.