Coaching in the context of management, is an often misused term and while there are standard, certified techniques which are perfect for getting a team to think and behave in tandem, it is generally not what CEOs or other senior executives want or regard as helpful in terms of their individual development.  Clients usually don’t oblige with standard problems.

Whilst we provide coaching for multiple candidates through common programs we also undertake customized advisory services. For example, a Board may want us to work with a CEO to overcome a reporting or stylistic challenge, a CEO may want us to work with a manager whose leadership style has not kept pace with the growth of the business or simply preparing a high potential manager for success in the executive suite.

Senior people want solutions; alternatives to the ones they often already identified, different ways in which others have resolved similar problems. They want them fast and in a practical format.

Expanding Your Business into Canada

Are you planning an international expansion into Canada? Canadian employment legislation making your head spin? Not sure where to begin? We can help!

Concentrate on what you do well and allow us to take care of your human resource obligations.

We work with international companies coming to Canada. We are an ASO, bringing our clients practical, seamless solutions for a reasonable fee. We do not take ownership of your employees, rather we provide you with the information and tools to ensure that you are legislatively compliant and competitive within your industry. We will bring to your attention things you need to know about Canadian employment practice, values and culture as well as legislative requirements, ensuring you attract and retain the right talent to make your business a success.

Common questions we are often asked:

  • What body of Canadian labour legislation applies to our organization – Federal or provincial?
  • What should I pay our employees?
  • What is a competitive vacation policy for my industry?
  • What statutory holidays do we have to provide to our Canadian employees?
  • How do I legally terminate an employment relationship?
  • What employee benefits shall we need?

Compliance is the easy part. Creating an engaged, productive team is the challenge. Lawyers and immigration advisers cannot help here. With in depth hands on international experience in employment matters THW provides not only local expertise but can help you cultivate the employment culture that you target whether you are expanding your business into Canada from the US or indeed anywhere else.

Working with the Resource Sector

Ironically, junior mining companies in the transition leading up to becoming a production company are most in need of strategic HR advice but least able to afford it. The intangible nature of guiding employee selection, behavior and performance is often considered expendable and besides how difficult is it anyway?

Well turns out it is not that difficult but can take a while to figure out with potentially costly missteps on the way than translate into delays and cost overruns which are the last things shareholders want to see when a company’s management is transitioning from exploration (activity management) to the delivery of key milestone (event management).

The severe downturn experienced by the mining sector delayed it having to respond to the “millennial effect” and the changes it brought to workplace culture and values. Other industries have had a ten year head start. Traditionally mining has been a baby boomer industry and during times of tight labor the industry has turned to the semi-retired to fill management gaps. That will just not work this time around; pay expectations will be too high, multi-generational leadership skills and technology know how will be missing which are pre-requisites in the tool kit of new leaders in the new workplace.

Attracting the right people to manage in a development environment, changing the way that the board provides oversight and governs, selecting the right skills with values that fit the new culture, managing in a multi-generational environment are all ways in which we help organizations accelerate the transition, meet share holder expectations and create value.

We deliver assistance in the form of projects on competitive pay and practice, board support by maintaining minutes, annual agendas and policies, by synchronizing the views of management and board through retained advisory or coaching, and selective board or senior management search.

THW’s experience extends to international as well as domestic HR management and includes extensive support to both mining companies and resources sector professional service firms and partnerships.

A select list of past and present clients includes: Alcan, AngloGold Ashanti, BHP, Vale, Xstrata, TVI Pacific, Alloy Corp, Klondex, Northgate, Orvana, Royal Nickel, Royal Coal, Marengo, Aura, Sun, Sandspring, Besra, RCF, Aldridge, GT Gold, New Gold, Marathon Gold, Trevali, Redpath, Golder, exp, MMM and Geosoft.

Working with Owner Mangers

Knowing when to hold ‘em and knowing when to fold ‘em as the old song goes is rather like managing your own business.

Owners worry most about the optimal time to exit and how that is going to occur? Most say that it is years away and they will know when the time has arrived. That’s usually when the owner is ready but not necessarily the business, at least not to the point of realizing maximum value.

An owner should start to think about succession whether that be through sale, transfer to family or management, the day she starts the business. We call that the runway and the longer the runway the more value we can add.

THW has been involved in more merger and acquisition transactions around the world than it cares to think about and that experience we bring to clients in the form of pre-sale assessment of the readiness of the business to generate the most value.

Any buyer today can run through a checklist of areas of potential financial liability but the more savvy investor or operator will be looking for soft problems that pose a bigger threat to value or future cash flow and attempt to leverage that into a discounted sale price, workout or holdback; the last thing sellers want to hear when headed for a stress free retirement.

We help sellers identify where weaknesses in culture, policy, employee engagement, multigenerational workforce management, pay practice, retention, and key decision nodes are likely to result in a request for some form of price adjustment or deferral.

The more time we have to address these issues the more value will accrue to owners both at sale and during the runway period. Knowing where a buyer is likely to look for threats to their anticipated ROI enables a seller to be better prepared. In fact our investment banking partner; Distinct Capital Partners will often work with us and therefore be able to promote the strength in these typical areas of weakness, to buyers.

We have worked with owners to develop long term incentive plans so that they may compete for talent with publicly held competitors, refresh practices and policies to respond to a workforce in generational transition, a recruitment and incentive plan for a key partner or executive, and building a sustainable workforce beyond the 100 employee marker.

A select list of past and present owner managed clients includes: Longos, Bayshore, exp, Redpath, Axis Auto, Mindshape, Staalduinen, Seniority Investments, Levett, Klemer, Sustainalytics, MMM,