The best people are becoming harder to find as the talent supply diminishes.  We help companies in a practical way to attract, retain, develop and engage staff and executives to implement corporate strategy and to become more productive.

We help identify and attract candidates for Board positions for private, public and advisory organizations.

Employees who are willing to relocate internationally are diminishing. Mobility is a scarce competency often targeted by competitors. Attracting and retaining younger mobile families requires a different set of relocation terms than would have attracted the baby boom generation. Assignments are expensive and often breakdown not in the workplace but at home as a result of family stress.

Strategic HR is overused expression and few practitioners understand its meaning; some business leaders doubt that the two words are linked. We understand how important the acquisition of a key skill can be to profitability, we recognize the true income statement impact of having employees go the extra mile and we can evaluate the staff numbers you will need to grow your business if you recruit for competency level A rather than competency level B, we can figure out the positive financial impact of aligning incentives with the achievement of business “strategy”.

We can help arrange people into a cohesive structure and organizational model that optimize management strengths and concentrates on the business objectives. We can help streamline or upgrade for contraction or growth. An over staffed organization can do as much to damage engagement as an understaffed one.