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From that, that shall remain nameless

Geetha Sukumar is a millennial, HR specialist who has experienced both virtual working and traditional 9 to 5 roles and expected to show up in person. Here’s her take on self-isolating.  

And in the midst of a pandemic, there was home. There was nowhere else I should have been and seemingly enough nowhere else I would rather be. Jumping out of bed and commuting a few seconds to my work location, all while remaining cozy in favourite pajamas, making (fresh) coffee anytime I want, having the comfort of my own personal washroom, and let’s be honest not having to see that annoying coworker who spends forever chit-chatting about God knows what. Yeah, that description applies to a lot of non-essential employees during the crisis.  Pretty sweet, right?

Wait, are things going to go back to business as usual? Do we even want that? This is not going to be greeted with unanimous joy! Discoveries have been made, things have been found to be different. Much different. Before heading back to before we should contemplate the pros and cons of working from home.

If employers are going to go back to measuring my contribution by the length of time I show up there goes my freedom and up goes my stress. Back on the QEW, GO train, and TTC and getting rushed to make my “IRL meeting”. (IRL=In Real Life). That will be weird… I am going to have to say goodbye to my beloved and overused mute button. There goes my 15 seconds of interruption-free presentation fame. We have all gotten used to the freedom of setting our own schedule but the biggest concern is will it be safe? Health and Safety is all we have been hearing about for the past few months (shout out to CP24 on this one!)

How comfortable are we going to be in close proximity to others? The most relaxed carefree personas are now serious germaphobes. What if my peer coughs? Are they sent home? Do I keep my distance? Get tested? Is this really over? I feel panic ensuing…I’ll need to know the answers before I go back.

Companies are going to have to prepare and reassure if they want folks to return. During self Isolation organizations have been able to test working from home, and how adaptable they are to unforeseen change. What is the learning and best practices? People are going to want to continue working at home because of the freedom it permits and the ability to choose when to go out again!

Given the flexibility of working where you want, when you want, all the while being free to grab some air and dine at your fave café is a win-win. This situation can actually help organizations to foster a more flexible work environment, retention, and engagement.

This is a glimpse of light in these dark times – a time to change and employers should grab it otherwise your company may not survive. With frappe in hand, laptop on my table, and the world at my feet, what’s stopping you?

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