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Top Pay Consultant, Best compensation consultant, Leading Pay Consultant

Third in our series on Compensation in Private Companies written with our compensation partner and long time collaborator Kieran O’Reilly of Flintlock Consulting. Variable pay was born of employers eager to resist additional fixed cost. They realized that to increase revenue…

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Being authentic is being one’s true self, being genuinely you! Meaning what you say and doing what you say you will do. These traits exercised in a leadership capacity if well intended, engender a positive culture, in turn improving collaboration…

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Top Compensation Consultant, Top Compensation Consultant in Toronto

The second in our series on Pay in Private Companies written with our partner and long time collaborator Kieran O’Reilly of Flintlock Consulting. Private companies are notoriously well …private, about pay practices. They are not required to disclose that information…

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Top HR Consultant, Best Compensation Consultant

“… There is no objective economic case for not considering a candidate who has been out of work for a while. …excluding them out of hand is a form of prejudice …..” says Professor Cappelli; The Wharton School of Business…

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Pierre Cléroux, chief economist for the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) said in Canada’s Globe and Mail even last year that Canada’s small and medium-sized companies must find ways to adapt to worker shortage which was the “new norm”…

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Published Articles

Sustainable workforce, Re-inventing HR, HR consulting, Small Business Management Consulting

For HR to be a meaningful contributor to business strategy, it will have to evolve. Currently, the function appears to be content with waning influence, as it bears the burden of increasing compliance and process; and the longer it submits,…

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Mobility Management, Expatriate Management, Global Talent Management

Mobile employees are often used by organizations to effect international growth, to be headquarters’ “mind and management”, to transfer culture and values and conduct technical troubleshooting. However, companies have traditionally failed to invest in their mobile employees to the same…

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Executive Pay in Mining Companies, Executive Compensation in Mining Companies, Executive Compensation, Executive Incentives, Stock Options for Mining Executives

We provide compensation advice to the mining industry and during the downturn we were encouraging clients not to undertake comparisons of pay with their peers in the industry. What would be the point? They were likely to discover that compensation…

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pay and culture, values, employee engagement

This blog is co-authored with Anna Abgaryan a consultant at The Human Well who advises clients on effective pay systems in multiple industries. Reward programs should support business strategy right? But how many organizations have we seen stray from this…

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Millennials, Millennials ad Pay, Culture and values

For those who have been away there is a significant change taking place in the workforce that you may have missed. A generational transition is underway introducing new values to the workplace creating a seismic shift in culture and the…

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