Working with THW

Does the prospect of working with the leading collaborative HR consulting firm and the Top HR consulting firm in Oakville with clients primarily in Southern Ontario appeal to you?

The Human Well fills a gap in the market by delivering advice drawing on the practical know-how of The Human Well’s practitioners at a reasonable fee; not the overpriced and lack of hands on experience offered by “Big Consulting”.

To work at The Human Well your advice or services need to be valued by our clients and you need to be passionate about what you do. We operate a virtual organization without offices. We meet when it counts, where it counts – at our clients or online. You will need to be comfortable with working independently. We get paid when our clients pay us and therefore confident that our contribution is valued – the ultimate incentive plan.

These arrangements are not for everyone but The Human Well offers substantial personal advantages;

  • Work the hours that you want, when you want
  • Personal development
  • Satisfaction

Working with The Human Well suits those folks who have commitments elsewhere; to young children, other family members, other clients or who just don’t want to commute to work. If you want to build your knowledge about overcoming business challenges, consulting techniques and methodologies or are just weary of working alone The Human Well may be for you.

The Human Well’s will provide an opportunity to learn and grow and an umbrella under which you may explore your capability and acquire greater knowledge.

All files and communication tools are provided online through Google, we provide business cards and an email address and all you need is a secure computer.

Still interested? Send us your thoughts and how you think you can contribute.